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Stop being your own worst enemy

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Every young guy wants to be as badass as the heroes in movies and legends, but the fact is, most are too lazy or uninformed to do it.  Sure you’ll go to the gym, get a membership, go a few times and then inevitably something else comes up, turning you into an easy income generator for your local gym.  This is so incredibly common that most gyms, short of serious powerlifting style gyms, make a large deal of their income on memberships of people that no longer attend their gym.  In 2004, Australians wasted over $500 million in unused gym memberships, free money to their local gyms.

Why is it that so many people do this that an entire industry thrives because of it?  The answer is because we, as a society, need instant gratification, spending too much time in the moment and not enough invested in our future.  People try to change their appearance and fitness levels, but when the results are instant they give up, and revert to old ways.

It is only those that are absolutely dedicated in diet and training that will thrive.  Sure, some are genetically gifted and can put on muscle or lose weight with almost no effort, but to not give someone in much better shape a lot of credit is ignorant.  Getting big, strong, lean, athletic, whatever your goal, is going to be a constant struggle, not a passing whim.  Training will become a part of your lifestyle, and if you don’t make it a top priority, you will fail, and you will continue to look unimpressive.  The biggest mistake you can make is thinking of training as a “means to an end” rather than part of your new lifestyle.  If you want to succeed you need to get to a point where you will work out no matter what.  Don’t have access to a gym?  Use things around you, go to a local park to do things like pullups, or simply hang a towel around anything that will hold it and start.

This is what I use for pullups if I for some reason can't make it to the gym and need to do a home workout

Quit making excuses.  Period.  I am by no means innocent of doing these things.  I spent at least a few years “trying” to improve my physique, but time and time again I got lazy or uninspired, and made absolutely no progress.  I was lazy and uninformed, and until I made fitness a priority in and out of the gym, I failed.  You have probably failed too, and will continue to do so unless you toughen up and stop making excuses, just do it.

Stop feeding the gyms free money, stop expecting training to be a part-time thing until you magically get jacked, and stop making excuses.  Just.  Fucking.  Do it.


Green Tea

Drink it like it’s going out of style.

3 cups a day is a good amount to shoot for.








Here is FOUR excellent reasons why:

1) Simply put: it will increase your overall health.

It is packed with polyphenols (most notably EGCG) which possess an array of health benefits including antioxidant qualities and other biochemical activities. Studies over time have only revealed more benefits, most notably in cancer fighting and cardiovascular disease. Want to live longer? Drink 3-5 cups a day. Try a cup in the morning, 2-3 throughout the day, and a nice cup of decaf before bed.

2) It will make you smarter

Didn’t know this one, but it probably explains why my GPA skyrocketed after I jumped on the green tea train. Two different studies have revealed that green tea increases cognitive function. A more recent one concluded that regular green tea consumption may enhance learning and memory ability.

3) It burns fat

That’s right, green tea boosts your metabolism, energy expenditure and fat oxidation; effectively controlling your weight and–with proper exercise–making you SHREDDED. Sound too good to be true? Check out this recent study.

4) It will increase exercise endurance

As an added bonus, green tea will also bring you one step closer to that 4-minute mile, VO2 max, or beep test high score. The catechins in green tea increase both metabolic activity and the utilization of fatty acid as source of energy in muscles during physical exertion. Need that extra push? It’s a cup of tea away.

If you’re still not convinced, then check out this article to read all about its other marvellous benefits including:

UV protection, lowering cholesterol, diabetes and blood glucose levels, heart protection, anti-hypertension, stroke prevention, reduction of CNS disorders, prevention of osteoporosis, bone-loss, and teeth decay, antimicrobal activity, and finally, for all those party-goers, liver protection.


Welcome to the New Age Hero.

We are two recent university grads in our mid-20’s looking for the best ways to live a fit, healthy, and awesome lifestyle.

We all know the heroes in movies or mythology—they look good, they kick ass, and they always get the girl. Our goal is to become the “New Age Hero” through eating, training, and living like one.

Stay posted for bi-weekly posts and challenges as we put ourselves through textbooks and databases of regiments.