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About Us

Who are we?

We are two recent UVic grads in our mid-20’s looking for the best ways to live a fit, healthy, and awesome lifestyle.

We all know the heroes in movies or mythology—they look good, they kick ass, and they always get the girl. Our goal is to become the “New Age Hero” through eating, training, and living like one.

We will be posting 1-2 times a week using ourselves as guinea pigs as we undertake challenges and regiments and scour textbooks and databases for the best and latest research on health and fitness.

Bear Johal
BA in English, Film Studies 

Bear used to be the unhealthiest kid on the block. A picky eater as a child, his parents eventually accepted that he would either eat only junk food or not at all. This unhealthylifestyle continued all the way until university when he finally realized that he’d have to get jacked if he wanted to get girls. Fast food, beer, and cheap weight gainer combined with isolation workouts at the gym, put on some pounds for a couple of years, but weren’t the answer to a healthy body. Eventually he saw the light and shifted more towards eating well and balanced exercise. He’s now on the pursuit of the ultimate heroic lifestyle and the ladies are lining up around the block.


Deep Dan
BSc in Biology, Human Anatomy

Deep Dan has always been a huge advocate of science. A prized pupil of the UVic Biology department, he graciously turned down a research grant, because he wanted to put himself into the field before pursuing his PhD. Following years of being that skinny guy in the biology lab, Deep decided to use his own human body research on himself. Within 2 years he put on 30lbs of lean muscle and broke ISC records in both the Deep Squat and the Deadlift. With science on his side, he will put his body to the very calculated limit in an effort to become the “New Age Hero.”


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